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Mission Statement

The mission of the Taxicab Paratransit Association of California is to enhance the ability of member organizations to effectively and profitably serve the transportation needs of the public; provide timely information and educational opportunities to members; represent industry interests before legislative and regulatory bodies; and assist member organizations in dealing with special issues.

Organizational Structure

The association and its activities are governed by a set of bylaws and a Board of Directors made up of TPAC member company representatives. These representatives are elected annually by the membership at the Annual Meeting during the convention. Board members volunteer their time and serve without pay or reimbursement of expenses involved in attending Board meetings.

TPAC is headquartered in Sacramento, near the state Capitol. The Association employs full-time professional staff for administrative and operational functions. TPAC’s Executive Director is also an experienced lobbyist and represents the Association before the Legislature and regulatory bodies affecting the industry. Operations are supported by each member company’s annual membership dues.

Membership Types

Regular Membership is available to individual proprietors, firms, partnerships, companies, or corporations that have an established place of business and are qualified and authorized to operate taxicabs or paratransit services by local governmental agencies.

Associate Membership is available to individuals, firms, partnerships, companies or corporations in industries or professions that provide goods and services to the industry.

Apply for membership by completing the 2018 Membership application form and paying the indicated dues amount.

Relationship to Other Industry-related Organizations

TPAC maintains open and regular communications with a variety of industry-related organizations at the state and national level to facilitate legislative and other organizational agendas. Of particular note is the Taxicab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association (TLPA) headquartered in Kensington, Maryland.

There are many members who belong to both TPAC and TLPA, and sometimes there is confusion about each organization’s role. TLPA is the national industry trade association, with members in most states and some foreign countries. TLPA deals with national legislative and regulatory issues in Washington, D.C., provides educational and informational services to members, and holds an annual convention and trade show at different locations in the United States. Focus is much the same as TPAC’s, but with a national perspective. TPAC’s perspective focuses on state issues within California.

TLPA and TPAC, while closely communicating and assisting one another, are independent, autonomous organizations with separate dues structures and memberships. It is common for industries and professions to have state, regional, and national associations, all separate from one another. Each has its own unique scope of operation in service to the industry. They complement one another rather than conflict in their programs. TPAC encourages California companies to hold membership in both TPAC and TLPA and to support representation and services at the national level.

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